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Quicksilver Messenger Service – CD – The CD Vinyl Replica Collection Boxset

Culture Factory strives to achieve an authentic sound with the highest possible fidelity to the original studio masters. Our remastering process brings out the music’s true dynamics and original clarity with low levels of noise. In the remastering studio the audio tracks are handled in the form of high-definition, 96Kz / 24-bit digital files for greatest preservation of fidelity. Signal compression is sometimes used to bring out frequencies that were absent or barely heard in the original recordings, and we use the least amount of compression possible. While sound perception varies greatly among individuals our vinyl replica CDs are designed to provide the optimal listening experience when using flat EQ settings. Brand new, original, factory-sealed, limited edition CD release.


Album 1: Quicksilver Messenger Service:

1. Pride Of Man
2. Light Your Windows
3. Dino’s Song
4. Gold And Silver
5. It’s Been Too Long
6. The Fool

Album 2: Happy Trails:

1. When You Love
2. Where You Love
3. How You Love
4. Which Do You Love
5. Who Do You Love (Part 2)
6. Mona
7. Maiden Of The Cancer Moon
8. Calvary
9. Happy Trails

Album 3: Shady Grove:

1. Shady Grove
2. Flute Song
3. Three or Four Feet
4. Too Far
5. Holy Moly
6. Joseph’s Coat
7. Flashing Lonesome
8. Words Can’t Say
9. Edward, The Mad Shirt Grinder

Album 4: Just For Love:

1. Wolf Run (Part 1)
2. Just For Love (Part 1)
3. Cobra
4. The Hat
5. Freeway Flyer
6. Gone Again
7. Fresh Air
8. Just For Love (Part 2)
9. Wolf Run (Part 2)

Album 5: What About Me:

1. What About Me?
2. Local Color
3. Baby Baby
4. Won’t Kill Me
5. Long Haired Lady
6. Subway
7. Spindrifter
8. Good Old Rock And Roll
9. All In My Mind
10. Call On Me

Album 6: Quicksilver:

1. Hope
2. I Found Love
3. Song For Frisco
4. Play My Guitar
5. Rebel
6. Fire Brothers
7. Out of My Mind
8. Don’t Cry My Lady Love
9. The Truth

Album 7: Comin’ Thru:

1. Doin’ Time in the U.S.A.
2. Chicken
3. Changes
4. California State Correctional Facility Blues
5. Forty Days
6. Mojo
7. Don’t Lose It



NUMBERED super deluxe & Limited Edition of 1,000 units WORLDWIDE

– Quicksilver Messenger Service

– Happy Trails

– Shady Grove

– Just For Love

– What About Me

– Quicksilver

– Comin’ Thru

LP-SIZE 28 pages booklet with:
· Liner notes by by Jeff Tamarkin
· Rare photos And memorabilia
· Reproduction of the original LP artwork in a 12’’ format.

INCLUDES original Art 1’ x 2’ tour poster
Designed exclusively for this boxset collection by legendary graphic and poster designer Dennis Loren.

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