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Edgar Winter – CD – Entrance

Culture Factory strives to achieve an authentic sound with the highest possible fidelity to the original studio masters. Our remastering process brings out the music’s true dynamics and original clarity with low levels of noise. In the remastering studio the audio tracks are handled in the form of high-definition, 96Kz / 24-bit digital files for greatest preservation of fidelity. Signal compression is sometimes used to bring out frequencies that were absent or barely heard in the original recordings, and we use the least amount of compression possible. While sound perception varies greatly among individuals our vinyl replica CDs are designed to provide the optimal listening experience when using flat EQ settings. Brand new, original, factory-sealed, limited edition CD release.


1. Entrance
2. Where Have You Gone
3. Rise to Fall
4. Fire and Ice
5. Hung Up
6. Back in the Blues
7. Re-Entrance
8. Tobacco Road
9. Jump Right Out
10. Peace Pipe
11. A Different Game
12. Jimmy’s Gospel

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The debut album by Edgar Winter, Entrance, offers a preview of the stylistic mix that would typify his career – blending jazz and blues with down and dirty rock & roll. Highlights include “Jump Right Out,” co-written with brother, Johnny.

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