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Ringo Starr – CD – Old Wave (Yellow Submarine Edition)


1 In My Car
2 Hopeless
3 Alibi
4 Be My Baby
5 She’s About a Mover
6 I Keep Forgettin
7 Picture Show Life
8 As Far As We Can Go
9 Everybody’s in a Hurry But Me
10 Going Down
11 As Far As We Can Go

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Old Wave… 1983 studio album. Critically known as “Ringo’s most overlooked album” & “Ringo’s solo masterpiece”. Produced by Joe Walsh & Russ Ballard. This release has NEVER been released on the CD YELLOW “vinyl look-a-like format”. Special Format: YELLOW CD (Vinyl Look-A-Like Compact Disc). This polycarbonate CD is black in color on both sides. The front includes groove vinyl design with a record label. The sound includes High-Res remastering that will play in any CD player. The packaging includes a carboard jacket, printed inner sleeve and an OBI side spine. This is a MUST for fans/collectors of Ringo Starr and The Beatles. The package includes an OBI strip, single carboard CD jacket, printed inner sleeve and yellow vinyl look-a-like disc with record label. It also includes the BONUS track “As Far As We Can Go” (Early version).
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