Ringo Starr – Vinyl LP – Old Wave (Brown and White Smoke Vinyl)


1. In My Car
2. Hopeless
3. Alibi
4. Be My Baby
5. She’s About A Mover
6. I Keep Forgettin
7. Picture Show Life
8. As Far As We Can Go
9. Everybody’s in a Hurry But Me
10. Going Down
11. As Far As We Can Go (early version)

Available Friday, November 25th at your local record store! To find your local record store, visit recordstoreday.com/stores!


Old Wave… 1983 studio album. Critically known as “Ringo’s most overlooked album” & “Ringo’s solo masterpiece”. Produced by Joe Walsh & Russ Ballard. This release has NEVER been released on vinyl. The package includes an OBI strip, Single album jacket, printed inner sleeve, Original record labels and special brown & white smoke color vinyl. It also includes the BONUS track “As Far As We Can Go” (Early version).

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