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Barack Obama – Vinyl LP – Yes We Can! (Picture Disc)


1 Hail to the Chief;
2 Star Spangled Banner;
3 “It’s Tempting to Look Back…” (State of the Union 2010);
4 The Stars and Stripes Forever;
5 Semper Fidelis;
6 “For These American’s…” (State of the Union 2010);
7 The Washington Post March;
8 “Despite Our Hardships…” (State of the Union 2010);
9 Marine’s Hymn;
10 “For America Must Always Think…” (State of the Union 2010);
11 The Thunderer;
12 “In the End It’s Our Ideals…” (State of the Union 2010);
13 El Capitan;
14 God Bless America;
15 The Liberty Bell;
16 “My Fellow Citizens…” (2009 Inaugural Address);
17 My Country Tis of Thee;
18 “Today, I Say to You That the…” (2009 Inaugural Address);
19 When Johnny Comes Marching Home;
20 “Now Some Will Question the Scale…” (2009 Inaugural Address);
21 Battle Hymn of the Republic;
22 “For We Know That Our… ” (2009 Inaugural Address);
23 Yankee Doodle;
24 “For As Much As Government Can Do… ” (2009 Inaugural Address)
25 You’re a Grand Old Flag;
26 “Almost Every Country on Earth… ” (Dec 31 2016 Weekly Address);
27 Happy Days Are Here Again;

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Limited-edition collector’s item. Features patriotic music and short segments from Obama’s most popular speeches.



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