Eric Carr – Vinyl LP – Unfinished Business: The Deluxe Edition Boxset


1. Eric Speaks to the Fans
2. Just Can’t Wait
3. Troubles Inside You
4. No One’s Messin’ With You
5. Eric Talks About His Music
6. Carr Jam 1981
7. Eric Talks About His Audition
8. Shandi
9. All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose
10. Dial L For Love
11. Elephant Man
12. Eric Talks About Mark St. John
13. Midnite Stranger
14. Eyes of Love
15. Bill Aucoin Talks About Eric
16. Through the Years (Live)
17. I Cry At Night
18. Eric Joking At Rehearsals
19. I Found You (The One I Adore)
20. Down By The River
21. Get Down (Studio Version)
22. Black Magic Woman
23. Listen To The Music

Available Saturday, April 20th at your local record store! To find your local record store, visit!


Unfinished Business: The Deluxe Edition – is features New “KISS make up” cover art with a flashing light effect on its cover by pressing between Eric Carr’s eyes. It includes five never-before-released bonus demo tracks, new comic book style poster and printer inner sleeves with rare photos and liner notes. A must for every KISS fan’s collection.

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